Silver surfing

Silver Surfing helps older people to avoid being unable to use online services. This helps prevent what we call the ‘digital divide’. Being excluded from online shopping, some government services, and social networks makes life more difficult. Jesus was especially concerned with people on the edge of society. As followers of Jesus we are meant to do the same. Silver Surfing is one of the ways @acnbchurch helps people avoid social exclusion.

If you are over 55 and struggling to use a smartphone, tablet or computer then we invite you to try Silver Surfing. The group runs Wednesdays, 10-12 noon and 1-3 pm, £3.00 per session, drinks and chocolate biscuits included.7

Silver surfing was originally set up in September 2009 to help those over the age of 55 to learn how to use a computer. Regular fundraising and grants have allowed us to purchase laptops and a tablet to support people who have none.

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