Baptising or Christening children

“We believe that every child is a gift from God.” With the arrival of a new baby it may be that you are interested in your child’s spiritual, as well physical and emotional development.

We regret that at this time we are unable to conduct services of Baptism. This is at the direction of the Government and because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

Thinking about baptism with the Church of England

Some questions about baptism or christenings get asked a lot. Church of England Christenings has the answers about what is baptism, choosing Godparents, and takes you step by step through the service of Holy Baptism. There is also information about and a Thanksgiving service which is often a good choice.

Can we help you?

We can only baptise or christen your child if:

  • They live in the parish of Ampfield, Chilworth or North Baddesley. If we can’t help we will connect you with those who can help
  • You are happy to make serious promises before God on behalf of your child that join them to God in the community of the church for their life ahead.

Baptism preparation courses

We will invite you to come on a friendly, helpful and free course to think about what the service means, and what your role is. Parents tell us that it is fun, helpful and also a great chance to meet other new families.

Getting in touch with us

Please use this form, which will ensure that you get the fastest and most appropriate response.

Other good places to chat about baptism

  • You might enjoy cafe church in Ampfield (first Sunday of the month) and North Baddesley (second Sunday of the month) Check the events diary for details.
  • Drop into Children’s Craft Club especially if your children are in that age group
  • Visit us at another service or drop into All Saints, North Baddesley on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning.