Helping bereaved families arrange a funeral service, and arranging for burial or interment of ashes is an important part of our work as churches.

Funeral specific advice from the Church of England

There are many important questions that get asked a lot. Church of England Funerals is the national website that deals well with issues including: first steps after a death and toward organising a funeral. Where, beyond the parish church, our ministers can hold a funeral. What a service might look like with some interactive help choosing elements

Ongoing care from your parish church

An important part of a funeral within the Church of England is that hope is at the centre; and that our care for the bereaved reaches out into the future. We try to match what we offer with what you need, but as a minimum we will:

  • visit you at least once after a funeral you arranged,
  • help you understand how the burial site is managed in the first year and longer term.
  • signpost you to useful resources including using our churches in grief, for space, or reflection.
  • invite you to one or more special events in the year after the death