Small discipleship groups

Our small groups

TWWG: This Week With God

What happens: A group meeting at lunchtime, in the evening, and on Sunday afternoons across the month on a rolling programme designed to be flexible and easy to pick sessions you can attend. Ideal for shift workers, mums, and others with varying commitments. Visit the This week with God

Julian group

2pm on 2nd and 4th Friday of each month in North Baddesley in SO52 9–

What happens: In the Julian tradition: reading, suitable music and then a 30 minute silence. In the silence members are encouraged to meditate, to place ourselves before God in peace and quiet and for silent prayer. The group concludes with a short reading and ‘The Grace’.

House group

2pm 3rd Tuesday of each month in North Baddesley in SO52 — led by Gill and Jeff Watkins

What happens: A group meeting in different people houses around North Baddesley for Bible study and interesting conversations about God, faith and the world. 

Small groups at the start of the Church

When the power of Jesus redeeming death and resurrection exploded round the Mediterranean for the first time small groups sprang up everywhere the message spread. They were themselves first churches. It was through small groups that:

  • the first new believers were taught, and prepared for baptism
  • social action occurred
  • missionary journeys (big and small) went on
  • churches communicated with each other.

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