Is your journey really necessary: Air Travel

Our Eco Tip for the week: Ask can I, or my business avoid my next flight? If not we urge you to offset emissions, or to encourage your company to do so.

On a per person basis flying is one of the worst things we can do in terms of environmental impact. Accordingly we hope that you will answer a three fold question the first part of which will be familiar to older worshippers:

  • Is your journey really necessary?
  • Can I or my business avoid flying to make the journey?
  • If a flight is necessary can the carbon emissions be offset?

Roger Heres wrote in ‘The Conversation’ that ‘although no other human activity pushes individual emission levels as fast and as high as air travel, most of us don’t stop to think about its carbon impact.’ Unfortunately there are no presently, or even nearly, available alternatives for the more than the 94 billion barrels of kerosene that burn yearly to spin the turbines of commercial air passenger transport.

Lead Bishop on the Environment for the Church of England, Bishop Holton, said ‘We have a narrow window where it is not too late to do something about climate change, and to protect God’s creation for generations to come, but we must act decisively, and act now, as individuals, communities, countries and as a global family. There is no Planet B.’

Belonging to the Eco Church is not simply about the purchasing decisions we make as a church. Components of the scheme reach out from the gathered church into areas of discipleship. The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholemew quoted in Laudato Si how our individual contributions to polluting the earth constitute sin, requiring of repentance “… a crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and a sin against God”

We are part of the Arocha UK certified Eco Church scheme, and have been working through our newsletter to nudge our congregations towards choices that are better for the earth. This week we begin a trial of longer form articles to resource those little nudges.

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