Unexpected meetings

 As a church we are #FollowingTheStar this Christmas. The Magi – the wise and found King Jesus in a feeder for animals. That must have been a pretty big surprise. Here Revd Victoria chats with Ian Wyllie about what surprises he’s had in his journey with God.

So, I’m with Ian Wyllie this morning who is a lay worship leader. In our churches here @acnbchurch. and, um, I’m asking him some questions about his faith. As a church we are #FollowingTheStar this Christmas and the Magi, they followed the star and found Jesus in a feeder for animals. It must be quite a strange surprise for them to find the king in such humble origins, So I’m asking Ian what surprises he’s found in his journey.

I think it’s been a series of continual surprises some good and some bad but all of them, safe, and held in the love of God. And I think the first really big surprises was being called to serve in the armed forces, that was a difficult decision to make; but it was important, and I is important, I think for Christians to serve faithfully in that place. Unfortunately that wasn’t the career God had planed for me in the long term and I was seriously injured. Subsequently to that I’ve had a really interesting journey with God, and I think his faithfulness is something that really sticks with me. He is unable to renounce his people, er because even if we are faithless he can’t be faithless because that is the nature of God. So it’s a great pleasure to still be following hard after God many years after that and here in North Baddesley in what’s turned out to be a really lovely church I ‘walked’ into it without a huge amount of expectation really, four years ago – – – three or four years ago and, um, because it was a church I could get to easily in a wheelchair, and it’s turned out to be a wonderful place to worship and to love God, with lots of lovely people.

You’ve mentioned that you were in the Armed Forces and you were injured, and we now see you in a wheelchair so that was really life changing for you. How in those dark times have you still managed to see God’s blessings.

I was sufficiently certain, before I was injured, that what I was doing was within the will of God, it made it easier to sustain my faith afterwards. I know it’s an issue that lots of people have after major injuries. Subsequently I’ve seen that God has continued to choose to use me as one of his disciples and that’s come in a variety of ways, but God always gives grace and ability for the things that he is calling his people to do, so when God asks you to do something you can be certain that it will be ok within the arms of God because God never leaves his people unequipped

So can you think of a time when you have found what you are looking for in a most unexpected place. You mentioned coming to this church because it was the only one you could get too so I suppose that was a little unexpected, but have there been any other instances when you’ve found God just in a place where you wouldn’t expect to find him.

To come here, to local church, which is your parish church here in North Baddesley, with our friends in Ampfield and Chilworth. We are church that lives in the streets and in the economy of these parishes. We pray daily for the welfare of these places and for the health and welfare of all their people. It’s remarkable to find God at work in the way we find him here in a church which has limited resources but is being a real blessing in the ways it can be to its community.