Alpha for Lent starts

Alpha for Lent @acnbchurch started last night in All Saints Church on Shrove Tuesday.

We were thrilled 28 people from across our group of churches in Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley together with friends and explorers of faith came to join us on Shrove Tuesday.

Using Alpha as our Lent course is a way of sharing the reworked Alpha Course around our churches to think about how we might become part of our set of tools for sharing what it means to follow God and be church in our communities. Those who joined us seem to have had a good evening if the engaging conversation and thoughtful contributions from across the room is any guide.

Transcript of video

So this evening we are starting our lent course. We are asking Alpha which has been through a major re-production process, so we are very excited to see how that turns out. One of the reasons we are doing that is actually to learn how to use this in the best way for our benefice (group of churches) Its shrove Tuesday tonight, and we are of course celebrating with pancakes, but the most important thing we are doing is preparing to keep an holy Lent, meditating, thinking and fasting.