Mean Bean Challenge @acnbchurch

We’re taking the Mean Bean challenge from Tearfund. Mark West tells us about why he’s eating porridge and beans: and only that, as Easter approaches.

The Mean Bean challenge is about remembering the 780 million people round the world who are living on less than $1.90 a day. Often a bowl of rice or a grain and a few beans of some sort make up the one and only meal of the day. Tearfund challenges us to both experience only only beans and rice for five days and to raise some money which can be invested to help people climb out of poverty. Families which have skills and improved income can eat a more balanced diet which helps children learn, and does a lot to keep disease at bay. (campaign now closed)

The great news this year is that donations during the Tearfund Mean Bean Challenge (received before 17 May 2019) will have double the power through a match funding scheme. UK Aid has pledged to 100% match fund all Mean Bean Challenge donations up to a total of £3 million. Would’t it be wonderful if donations used up the whole of that £3 million – making 6 Million in total.

Video Transcript

This Holy week I’m going to be living on porridge rice and beans: just that. Nothing else at all. Why am I doing that? I’m doing that to raise money and awareness for the 780 million people who live in extreme poverty. This is organised by Tearfund. It’s called the Mean Bean Challenge. So Victoria, the Vicar is doing it, I’m doing it, and a couple of other people are joining in. We are going to live on this very restricted diet and hopefully raise money and awareness ourselves. The money we raise goes to Tearfund’s challenge and any money we raise gets matched by the Government up to a total of three million pounds