5% of donations to foodbank come via @acnbchurch

More than 5% of the food donated to Romsey Food Bank came through @acnbchurch collection points.

Food is collected to support Romsey Food Bank from all the churches in @acnbchurch. In the past year 781kg or 5.9% of the total donations to the food bank came via collection points at St Mark, St Denys and All Saints Church. The throughput at Romsey Foodbank increased by 11% in the past year and clients received 471 emergency food parcels, feeding 1326 people. As a comparison, that’s approximately equal to the Foodbank providing nutrition support to every 16 year old in Test Valley. This mirrors the national picture of rising demand.

We’d like to see more people donate food through @acnbchurch in the coming year to help stave off hunger for more people in our area.

Sally Kerson, Lay minister @acnbchurch said “Food poverty is often hidden in today’s society because of the shame those who have to use foodbanks often feel. People who need this extra support to feed themselves and often children are not scroungers they genuinely are in such poverty. Although the majority who use the foodbanks are young families there are also some elderly people who are finding it a struggle to live, in most cases, on just a state pension. By sharing what food we have we are being Christ’s body on earth and helping to give others ‘their daily bread’.

Clients in need of support from the food bank to avoid severe hunger, or destitution, were referred from 23 different agencies. The majority were referred from Test Valley Housing Department, and the Citizens Advice Bureau. Approximately two thirds of distributions were to people who were living with very low incomes, or who were adversely affected by changes to Benefits, and delays to benefit payment.

A quote provided in writing by Romsey Foodbank, Jo Topley said: “Until we reach a future where food banks are no longer needed, we’ll continue to provide vital support when it matters most. We’re dedicated to ensuring that people in our community without enough money for food are able to access emergency support. Our vital work in the community has only been possible in the last year because of the incredible generosity shown by local people in donating food, time and funds. Thank you.”

Encouragingly 56% of clients are now seen face to face either at the Foodbank HQ or at the satellite centre run by our friends at the Community Life Centre in North Baddesley. This is valuable because it offers a route for other services to be offered like debt counselling or simply a listening ear to be provided.