You ‘Loved Your Burial Ground’!

The first Love Your Burial Ground event at St John the Baptist saw families children, 9 in total we think and volunteers meet up in the churchyard for a combination of a mini-beast hunt, a monuments trail, and a bit of tidying up.

After the success of this event we are hoping to run some more like it. Keep an eye out on our social media channels @acnbchurch. For more of a flavour of what went on watch the video above.

Despite an atrocious week when it never stopped raining Sunday afternoon was dry and warm. The children who came along to look for ‘mini-beasts’ were really mesmerised by the little creatures they could find hidden in the trunks of trees and on the ground and were busy marking them off on the maps they were given. The ‘Marvellous Monuments’ proved to be quite hard for the adults to find but interesting when they were discovered where they were. We hope to run another Love Your Burial Ground event next year so that more people can enjoy the delights of a rural churchyard.

Sally Kerson, lay minister

The churchyard is an important space, not only as a place where grief can be expressed, but also as a haven for biodiversity. The parish church has been managing it to allow that to flourish for some time. It’s part of the sustained commitment to sounding the alarm on the environment that the wider church has been part of

All the people coming here are volunteers helping to look after the church yard and I think this is a really important part of what it means for us as christians to witness to how we can help make the world a better place, we set aside areas of the churchyard – for example a bug hotel and other bits that we allow deliberately to grow a little more wild and to encouraged that diversity and to encourage the animal life while areas aside for burials are mostly more carefully managed, and mowed.

Mark West, Church Warden

North Baddesley’s parish churches have been supporters of Caring for God’s Acre for several years. Love your Burial Ground is on of God’s Acre’s initiatives. They say: “Many churchyards and burial grounds have been valued and loved for hundreds of years. People who are now responsible for their upkeep are part of a long line of generations who have taken up the management baton. Being a custodian of a community’s burial ground can be both physically and emotionally demanding (and probably always has been!). This is why our charity began – to support people in the task of keeping burial grounds beautiful, accessible and connected to their communities.”

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