A visit to every church in Hampshire?

Jill Low dropped in on All Saints on her sponsored journey to visit every church in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. She is helping bring All Saints Fleet back to life after an arson attack.

All Saints Fleet suffered a devastating arson attack in 2015. The church community are on a massive journey to rebuild the church in a new and fitting way for today. Jill has visited 205 churches since 2019 and has another 300 to go before March 2020. Her journey, pilgrimage perhaps, is one of many many fundraising efforts to fund the cost beyond that covered by insurance to ensure that All Saints arises as a new and beautiful thing.

Visit All Saints Fleet if you would like to see what is going on there 

Her visit was an encouragement in a week when we’ve had to deal with the theft of lead from the roof of St Mark Ampfield. 

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