Vandalism to the Community AED

Update We are pleased to report that it appears we will be able to substantially clean the substance off the surface of the AED. Although this mitigates the effect, the consequences of vandalism to emergency equipment can be exceptionally serious.

Location Code: SO52 9ER

On the night of 3 July, the community automatic emergency defibrillator (AED) hosted at All Saints Church and paid for by the Parish Council was vandalised making the location code impossible to read. The code needed is SO52 9ER.

Hampshire Police said: We are appealing for witnesses following a report that correction fluid had used on a defibrillator in North Baddesley. It took place sometime between 4pm on Wednesday 3 July and 8.30am on Thursday 4 July, at the defibrillator outside All Saints Church in Church Close. The incident is being treated as criminal damage. Anyone who has any information about what happened should call police on 101, quoting the crime reference number 44190231334.

This vandalism has potentially life threatening implications as it would delay access to the AED in a time of need. The community AED is available to assist in serious incidents involving both children and adults and is a resource which makes living in the community somewhat safer, as well as supporting the activities on the recreation ground and being an asset for local business

North Baddesley is a close knit community and we believe it is unlikely that no-one knows who committed this act of criminal damage. With the police we appeal for anyone with information to call the police.

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