Recycling as part of daily life

Please recycle. Please also take recycling to collection points as part of journeys you have to make anyway: to work, to shop, for leisure. Otherwise your journey adds unnecessary pollution.

Reduce Reuse, Recycle

We encourage recycling by our congregations. We also strongly encourage two other approaches: Reducing the amount we consume, and re-useing what we already have. Here’s an EcoTip from a couple of weeks ago explaining why the Reuse, Reuse, Recycle triad is so important.

The Common Good

Global heating and Climate Change means that ‘We’ve got to get a lot more radical much faster’ in the words of Andy Lester, Director of Conservation at Arocha UK. One part of the answer to the disastrous effects of Global Heating and Climate Change might be found in the early history of the church. In modern times we need to rediscover stewarding all we have for the Common Good or as it used to be known the Commonweal. This would be a swing back towards what is recorded in Acts, when the church put into practice the Jewish law’s clear favour to the oppressed and poor.

“All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need…”

Second Hand September

Oxfam is promoting #SecondHandSeptember as a way of promoting Reuse. Why not look at the relevant part of their website and see if you can take their pledge .

Make sure your recycling gets recycled

Recycling means a lot of different things in different contexts.

  • At one end, especially for mixed recyclables, it includes combustion for energy recovery which is sometimes a disappointment to people.
  • Aluminium – as found in drinks cans can be recycled into something very close to virgin Aluminium and reused.
  • Bottle glass can be reused for many purposes almost indefinitely.
  • Plastics rarely find equivalent use. Some plastics can be ‘recycled’ into plastics which are less structurally sound.

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