Be loved you are God’s child

As I write this I’m full of the first cold of the season and am feeling fairly rotten, my youngest child is just out of hospital having been struck down by a virulent virus, several of my parishioners are going through chemotherapy and it’s raining. It’s fair to say I’m feeling a little fed up.

In the news it’s only Brexit, which brings more doom and gloom, whichever way one voted crashing out is not a good outcome, but no one seems to have an answer especially those in parliament in any of the parties. It seems a complete mess to be honest, and one we have no control over.

How exactly then, do I lift myself from the gloom or how do I encourage others into a brighter frame of mind? As Vicar it is my job to pray daily for those in my parishes whether they attend my churches or not. I pray for them, our country and our world through scripture and readings set for the day. Today I read from Psalm 32:

So all your loyal people should pray to you in times of need, 
when a great flood of trouble comes rushing in,
it will not reach them.
You are my hiding place;
you will save me from trouble.
I sing aloud of your salvation,
because you protect me.

My heart is lifted as at least there is one world leader who has no motive other than peace and hope for all people, whose motives are not selfish or driven by money or prestige, whom like any parent would give up their very lives to save their child, a pure and unadulterated love for every person despite our wrongdoings. Who wouldn’t be lifted by a love like that?

You are God’s child; you can put your trust in Him.

Originally written for ‘Christian Comment‘ in the Romsey Advertiser, and published there on 4 October 2019

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