Sustainability fair in Chilworth

The Chilworth Sustainability fair exhibited electric vehicles boats and bicycles as well as ways to reduce food waste and eat better. Environmentally friendly and up-cycled products were also on display.

More than 200 people attended the fair which, Cllr Finlay said, was organised as a response to the upsurge in concern regarding what humans are doing to damage the environment. Council waste management teams were on hand to help people make better use of their recycling bins, and a demonstration of tasty ways to reuse food to avoid waste was on show.

Car towable rigid inflatable boat with the words 'she's electric' on the bow
A REAP systems small RIB electric demonstrator

An electric rigid inflatable boat was on display. The innovator behind the project, Dennis Doerffel spoke about the potential of electric power for short duration drive in cruise ships and smaller merchant vessels. At scale this could transform air quality in the Southampton area and wider Solent by reducing the the fumes and particulates emitted by marine diesels.

Among other exhibitors were some early adopters of electric vehicles. Two I spoke to acknowledged how initially range anxiety had been an issue, but with later modes the range was such that the for most intra-urban journeys there were no issues at all. One car owner said ‘there’s no depreciation, the equivalent of 400 mpg, no road tax to pay, very low servicing, you can’t run a car for less’. He went on ‘The range is ok. The ideal would be a two car household where you have this as your bombing around all the time and maybe you’ve got a back up petrol for going [for example] to Scotland’.

Some sustainable practices like the Cllr’s Hatley’s account of the careful re-use of packing paper and string while he was growing up, are time consuming and therefore costly. For people living on lower incomes taking up sustainable practices can be very difficult, Lack of time and inadequate financial reserve nudge people away from actions, like cooking from scratch and husbanding left overs This is is a double injustice because people living on lower income are already predicted to be worst affected by climate change.

MP holding poster
Caroline Noakes MP (2019) with some exhibitors

The event ran on the afternoon of 6 October 2019 and was organised by Cllr Alison Finlay and attended by Caroline Noakes MP, the Mayor Cllr Martin Hatley and Cllr Alison Johnston. The presence of MP and councillors maybe an encouraging political recognition situation we have got the earth into. Test Valley Borough Council passed a motion acknowledging the Climate Emergency in September and promise a report in six months. The response may be critical for the much valued mixed human and ecological systems in the Test Valley.

The event was supported by Hampshire County Council, Test Valley Borough Council and Chilworth Parish Council. 

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  1. I would like to thank Ian for the instinting work and effort he put into reflecting the aims and ambitions of the Sustainability Fair. It made a huge difference to the day to have his record of events.
    Many said they had enjoyed the event and benefitted from it.
    Thank you, Ian, you really made a difference.
    Alison (Finlay)


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