Register to vote: #GE2019

There is still time to register to vote for the General Election of 2019. This page has more information. Getting as many people as possible registered to vote is an impartial act that reinforces our democracy.

Register by 11:59pm on 26 November to vote in the General Election on 12 December.

Your right to vote does not depend on whether you have a fixed address. In fact our democracy is deeply flawed if you do not have an easy way of doing so. The Electoral Commission has advice on voting for people without a fixed address. Some of the sorts of people who are often able to vote using these methods are those between homes, sofa surfing or homeless, members of Travelling communities, Seafarers, or living in a boat or moveable residence (like a van).

Registering and using your vote is an important expression of being a part of society. Even in constituencies like Romsey and Southampton North where electoral politics is relatively stable, the picture could be different if everyone eligible registered and used their vote. Additionally the turnout figures (the proportion of people registered to vote who actually use their vote) is an important measure of the how engaged people are with the situation our country is in.

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