Queen’s speech – pastoral letter

After last weeks election results, there will be many who are feeling devastated, many who are relieved and probably quite a few that are just glad it is all over and are not particularly interested in politics anyway.

However you voted, however you are feeling, it is clear that there is much work to do. One thing that the Brexit negotiations and the General Election have brought to light is the huge inequality and social injustice that exists in our society and this is a worry to us all. Many promises have been made and it is the duty of all to hold the Government to account to make sure that each one of us has the ability to thrive and there are equal opportunities and possibilities for all in our communities and wider society.

As your local church we will continue to support our local Food bank, try to find ways to alleviate poverty in our community, support those with mental health issues, the homeless and those who are lonely and bereaved. As Christians it is our responsibility to work beside God in caring for His people and we have our work cut out.

Whether we think the Government is doing its bit or not, whether we think it is right that churches and charities should be bearing the brunt of the social care it is clear that the need is immense and it is clear that people like you and me are going to have to redouble our efforts.

Let us be neither disheartened nor complacent, but let us work together to make our community a fair and caring place to live, and let us stretch out our love to all those around us , bringing the love of Christ in practical and Spiritual support with love and joy in our hearts into our communities.

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