T-Cup café giving back..

T-Cup café are committed to giving a total of £100 per month to good causes suggested by customers. These are some of the locations café donations went in 2019.



Homelessness is a scourge and persistent threat to the common good that stalks our islands. Crisis is a major national charity that delivers practical help for people who are homeless, while also helping people keep their homes, and campaigning on the issues that cause homelessness.

Crisis – Ending Homelessness


Livability is an extensive national charity that works to reduce social isolation among disabled and vulnerable people. The charity aims deliver joined-up responses to local care needs and reduce social isolation. Livability has a dynamic and inclusive Christian ethos. Welcoming people from all faiths and none, we work together towards the good of the whole community.

The merger of the The Shaftesbury Society and John Grooms in 2007 created. Livability that exists today. It builds on 170-years of ground-breaking community work


True Life (Village Lunch)

True Life Church are partners in the work of being church in North Baddesley. T-Cup donated towards the cost of their successful ‘village lunch’.

True Life Church

Abby’s Heroes

This local charity springs from the experience of Abby who was received extensive treatment for cancer at Piam Brown Ward and the Teenagers and Young Adult wards at Southampton General Hospital.

Abby’s Heros aims to alleviate the massive stress that oncology treatment puts on families both parents and siblings of the patient through financial aid and support.


Brownies [Girl Guiding]

The international organisation movement which has a group that meets in All Saints North Baddesley. Guiding develops skills from public speaking to teamwork and grows active young women who are empowered to make a difference to the world around them.


South Rwenzori

Romsey Area (Deanery) Church partnership with South Rwenzori in Uganda links the two areas in a partnership that provides spiritual and practical support.

South Rwenzori Partnership


MacMillan Cancer Support

MacMillan Cancer Support are a national charity who are dedicated to supporting people with cancer and helping those close to them.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Romsey Sea Cadets

The Romsey branch of the uniformed youth organisation with deep roots in the traditions of the Royal Navy and links to the Maritime Marine.

Sea Cadets work with around 15000 young people weekly in 400 local units.



A national charity working towards disability equality and acceptance of the Social Model of disability.

The charity provides practical advice and emotional support whenever people need them most. We do this through our Scope helpline, our online community, a range of employment and child sleep services, community engagement programmes, and more


Boaz Project

Boaz Project is a local therapeutic work environment for adults with learning difficulties. In therapeutic work with the project adults with Learning Disability achieve a sense of self worth and learn new skills such as working in horticulture projects looking after the animals, baking and other kitchen work, making craft goods, wood working in the workshop in our barn on Hill Farm,

The project’s Christian ethos seeks to address the whole person in body, mind and spirit, aiming to release each person’s full potential. The character and needs of each member are respected and nurtured.

Boaz Project


Firgrove Centre

Has been offering a respected service for over thirty years offering information and support around issues of unintended pregnancy as well as pre and post abortion, post-adoption, miscarriage and baby loss counselling.

Firgrove Centre

Spurgeons Childrens Charity

Spurgeons work at the heart of communities – listening, learning and building trust to make a lasting difference. The charity works with over 37,000 children and young people and over 64,000 parents and carers. Through the delivery of support and intervention services we give vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families the chance they need for a better present and more hope-filled future.

The Christian faith of Charles Spurgeon, Baptist Minister and social reformer who founded this work in 1867, remains an active and important motivation for the work we do. It forms the roots with which our people’s collective desire to help children and young people is linked to, regardless of their own beliefs.

Spurgeons Childrens Charity


Youth in Romsey

Youth in Romsey is a support centre based next to the Romsey Rapids for all young people aged between 6-25 years.

Youth in Romsey has been running since early 2000 and is made up of predominantly volunteers and professionals who give their time to help the young people of Romsey and its surrounding areas.

Youth in Romsey are a charity who are supported by individuals and organisations including Hampshire County Council and Test Valley Borough Council.

Action Aid

Action Aid works internationally to change the world with women and girls. Their work includes helping communities recognise the value of women in work – and paying them living wages. They are addressing issues of gender based violence in communities and starting to change patterns of discrimination.

Action aid work in emergencies and humanitarian situations when women and girls are usually disproportionally affected. Action Aid recognises that local women know best what their communities need, and are able to get life-saving supplies quickly and fairly to those who need it most.

ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty.


A Rocha UK

A Rocha UK are working for the protection and restoration of the natural world. In the UK they run the Eco Church certification scheme which churches in @acnbchurch use to minimise our impact on the environment.

A Rocha carry out research for the conservation and restoration of the natural world and run environmental education programmes for people of all ages. Through our commitment to God, each other and the wider creation, we aim to develop good relationships both within the A Rocha family and in our local communities.

A Rocha UK is a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world.

Wessex Cancer

Has been providing support and help for everyone diagnosed with cancer in the Wessex region.

Wessex Cancer Trust helps and supports anyone affected by cancer regardless of age, gender or type of cancer. Currently the team reach over 8000 people. Their dedicated team are committed to offering free support for as long as people need it, away from a hospital environment.

This Christmas Wessex Cancer Appeal launched a crisis appeal because the future of the charity is in doubt.


Isaac’s Gift

Isaac’s Gift is a local campaign raising money for two charities: Anthony Nolan and Southampton Children’s Hospital. These charities helped Isaac during his short life.

Isaac was born with a genetic condition that left him with major problems with his immune system. He died of complications of a bone marrow transplant which could have been curative.


 Away from it All Holidays

This Mothers’ Union scheme provides the opportunity of a break to around 2,500 people are experiencing stress in their family life.

Away From It All holidays help families spend time together – apart from what are often exceptionally difficult and stressful circumstances at home. Holiday goers don’t have to be a member of a church or our organisation.

The Mothers’ Union is an international Christian membership movement of over four million people in 84 countries that aims to demonstrate Christian faith through action.


 Toilet Twinning

More than 2 billion people need Toilet Twinning’s help to fund a safe toilet. Safe toilets play a big part in stopping 900 children dying every day from dirty water and unsafe toilets.

Toilet Twinning twins your toilet in the UK with one in less developed areas of the world. The twinned toilet might not look like anything you recognise as your smallest room… Whether it’s a latrine, long drop or other design – doesn’t matter. Just so long as it’s safe.

Across the humanitarian community, improving water and sanitation together with vaccination are universally accepted as the most effective way to improve health in communities. Toilet Twinning is a Tearfund project.

Open Sight Hampshire

Open Sight provides life time support to people in Hampshire with significant loss of vision.

At the moment the charity supports more than 3000 people with information and provides about 400 home visits from Independent Living Advisors which are especially targeted to people who are going through sight loss. Family coordinators support a large number of children and a Community Development team help run both pop up and established social activities that are important for many working age adult with sight loss.

Open Sight is the operating name of the Hampshire Association for the Care of the Blind.

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