COVID-19 an update from Victoria

Dear friends,

I with the ministry team continue to monitor the spread of COVID- 19. We are adapting what we do in light of the changing advice from Government and the Church of England. Follow this link for specific changes to what we do and how we do it.

Please help to keep sisters and brothers safe: If you feel unwell with a fever or dry cough do not attend church. You should follow NHS guidelines on self isolation. Equally if you have been advised not to mix in groups to help keep you well – please follow those directions.

If you feel uneasy about attending services, you should not feel guilty, but please let us know so we may support you. If you are sick, self-isolating or become home-bound and require assistance, please let a member of the Ministry Team know how your faith community can be of support. If possible please try to contact us in this order

  • At
  • If you cannot use the web but can email use 
  • As a final option ring the Vicarage on 023 8178 8031
    Listen to any answerphone message as there may be further information there.

The season of Lent is a time re-examine long-held practices and to  consider giving something up. This Lent, although it’s not the fast we might have chosen, churches are being asked to “fast” from many of the practices we take for granted. Sadly this fast may not end at Easter. As Vicar with the team, I am already developing longer-term plans in the event that we need to take more significant steps to maintain ministry. 

For now, offering a non-anxious and non-reactive presence of calm may be the greatest service to you can offer in our communities. Please be careful.  

VICTORIA: Vicar of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley

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