COVID-19 Changes from 15/03/19

Update for the week beginning 15/03/19

Situation update

The government has announced that it was necessary to take further measures to delay the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic on 12 March 2020. The Church of England issued further guidance on the same day. @acnbchurch events and activities will be changing because of the development of this epidemic. Rest assured, that whatever comes, we will seek active ways to be church: worshipping, gathering, and serving, as we seek to be the body of Christ in these anxious and vulnerable times.

  • To help at this time there will be extra digital resources in addition to the regular posting of sermons and videos. These will be available on or from the front page of the website, and through email newsletters. Please sign up for email if you haven’t done so:
  • Communion will be offered ‘in one kind’ as the Church of England and Bishop Tim have instructed. The chalice will remain on the altar as a focus for worship but we will not drink from it. There is a long theological tradition maintaining that communion ‘in one kind’ is sufficient to receive the fullness of grace the sacrament offers.
  • Minimising touching We will adopt the BSL (British Sign Language) translation of the exchange of ‘the peace’ in all services. Offerings may be left with sides people at the door. We will not be passing the bag or plate round the congregation.
  • Increased seating spacing Where possible we are encouraging those worshipping and at events to spread out as much as space allows, and for those in different households not to sit directly next to each other.
  • We will continue with our various social activities like T-Cup café because of their important role in combating isolation among elderly and vulnerable. Catering will be minimised and will use disposable cups and cease serving biscuits or cake which need additional touching. It may become necessary to stop meeting socially in the future.

Alterations related to catering

Where refreshments aren’t a key part of church events they are being suspended on advice from the Church of England. There are some exceptions.

  • Craft Club on 18 March 2020 will serve children a pre-packed meal.

Changes to specific events

Lent Lunches

All upcoming Lent Lunches on Fridays afternoons at St Mark Ampfield have been cancelled.

Time: @ – @

CHANGES:This event will run. The programme has been substantially amended because of the travel disruption resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the event page for information and updates.

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