Update for 20 March 2020

Sunday Live from @acnbchurch, the stopping of public worship, generosity from the White Horse Ampfield, and weekday worship.

Sunday live from @acnbchurch

We will be talking about and reflecting on a service led by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s which will be broadcast nationally. Local stuff will also get a look in and we we will be sharing some news for this week. Make the most of our chat by joining the service with the Archbishop on BBC Local Radio at 8am, BBC Radio 4 at 8.10am and online from the Church of England at 9.

If you feel you want to join a local live stream of worship: Romsey Abbey is here: https://www.romseyabbey.org.uk/webcasts/ and friends at East Winchester Benefice are https://www.facebook.com/AllSaintsEWB

No public services on Sunday

A minister will celebrate Eucharist privately at St Mark, and then remain for between 9.30 am and 11 am. Any persons who come to pray privately during this period may receive Absolution and or Holy Communion in one kind only.

This is not a public act of worship. All those attending should keep two meters from the Minister or other persons praying privately. Anyone who is in a high or very high risk category should not attend

Food parcels for needy parishioners from the White Horse Ampfield

The White Horse will be trying to help all the vulnerable people in the village. We will be sending out free bags of essential staples to anyone in the village who needs a little help. They will include milk, eggs, bread, tea, sugar and other staples. Ring 01794 368356 for help.

The White Horse is also offering a take away menu during this challenging time. 01794 368356

Weekday worship

We have prepared Worship Booklet which we may refer to online and on video. We are distributing print copies over the next few days with preference to people who aren’t connected to the internet. If you would specifically like a print copy message us here https://acnb-church.org/contact-us

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