Prayer Requests & Contribution to Services

Prayer Requests

In normal services there is a way in each of our churches to provide the names of people we would like included in the intercessory prayers, where we bring the needs of the world before God. Up till now, there has been no equivalent for the online services.

Now you can email with requests for people to be included in the intercessory prayers. The email will be seen by members of the ministry team and do remember that the intercessions will be streamed live online. If you want to indicate that someone needs prayer but would prefer it not to be streamed, please state that clearly in the email.

Contributing to Online Services

We are aware that there are many people who usually contribute to services, for example, by doing readings or leading intercessions. We are looking into ways to enable more people to contribute to our online services. If you are interested in contributing, whether or not you normally do, please email us on

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