Churchyard trail: reflect & remember

A churchyard trail for prayer and reflection will be open at St John the Baptist from Halloween (All Hallows Eve) to the 12th November, the day after Remembrance Day. The trail is a response to the need for a very different remembrance season; and as a way of welcoming more people to the churchyard.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

The days the trail is open:

Generally the trail is open October 30 – November 12. There may be special events running on days during that period. Click through to the event post to find out.

Infection control

  • Please ensure that you take care to avoid gathering in groups larger than permitted to avoid spreading COVID-19.
  • If you are able, we recommend wearing a mask.
  • You are invited to take pinecones and a poppy as part of the trail. These will be individually packed to protect your health.
  • We may have to shut the trail at any point if directed by local Public Health teams.

Featuring poppies from ‘Over The Top’ WWI 100.

Looking back to Remembrance 2018. More than 3000 hand knitted poppies go ‘over the top’ up the tower to mark the end of WWI. In this year of pandemic you can take one of these poppies home as a way to remember both the life lost in war and emergency. The poppies are also are a sign and reminder of the strength and community spirit in this community of North Baddesley.

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