Advent reflections week 1

Victoria introduced our daily Advent reflections on Monday and Mark kicked them off on Tuesday. To round off the week, they are gathered together here.

30 Nov: Introduction

1 Dec

2 Dec

Matthew 15: 29-37
Jesus heals lots of people and feeds over 4000.

Whilst on a hill, near the Sea of Galilee, Jesus spent three days healing many, many people; the crowd were amazed and praised God. But even after performing all these miracles, His love and compassion did not stop there. He was concerned that they would be hungry, so from seven loaves and a few small fish He performed yet another miracle, and provided enough to feed over 4000 people, and there was still some left over. So many miracles.

Do you think miracles still happen, or are they just something we read about in the bible? Despite all the sadness in our world, can you still see miracles; have you personally experienced miracles in your own life? Jesus showed great compassion, if you have shown compassion to others, does this endure without end, or is it limited?

Not all miracles or acts of compassion are on such a grand scale, so keep your ears and eyes open to all, whether large or small, and remember to praise God for each and every one of them.

3 Dec

4 Dec

Matthew 9: 27-31

Who do you think Jesus is?

Jesus has been moving around the region, healing people of a variety of ailments and news about him is spreading. This time it is two blind men asking for help.

They ask him to ‘have mercy on them’ – to show them kindness and forgiveness. They are recognising their need and asking him to give them sight. What would you ask of him?

They call him ‘Son of David’ – showing that they have some idea of who he is. Who do we think Jesus is?

He challenges them ‘Do you really believe I can do this?’ and they say ‘yes’. Do we really believe Jesus can make a difference?

He touched their eyes and then they could see. Jesus tells them not to tell anyone how it happened but they can’t keep quiet about it. How much do we tell people about what Jesus has done for us?”

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