Lent reflections 3

Our Lent reflections are available on our Facebook page on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout Lent. Here are the reflections from week 3.

Wednesday 10th March

Here’s Jonathan with a Lenten reflection on bacon sandwiches (and Jesus and law!)

Friday 12th March

A reflection from Ian today about being in the borderlands…

‘You are not far from the kingdom of God.’ For Jesus’ body here on earth to continue grow, the church of God needs to be consciously at work in the borderlands of the kingdom. Like physical borders the edges of the kingdom are in places plain to see – and in others difficult to discern.

The phrase occurs in Mark 12.28-34. There Jesus’ responds to a Rabbi’s question about the nature of the greatest commandment with a crisp answer that locates his faith right in the centre of the Jewish faith. The Rabbi agrees with his summary, and that’s when Jesus says ‘You are not far from he Kingdom of God.’ Not far from the all holy God, not far from all the love and power in the universe, not far from creation. And that’s what sends a shiver through the crowd.

However uncomfortable being in the borderlands makes us, however dangerous they feel, it is at the interface between the kingdom and not kingdom, that God so often calls us to work. Remembering that is essential for all of us in formed churches.

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