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Welcome to the Newsletter

for the Seventeenth Week after Trinity 2019

Dear subscriber:firstname | default:reader] welcome to news for the seventeenth week after Trinity. It's a massive newsletter this week, evidence of so much good stuff going on at your churches. So far this newsletter has had really good uptake. I do encourage you to read through some of the stories and to browse the events catalogue.

With my warm greetings - Ian Wyllie

Sunday October 13 Services

8:00 am Early Morning Holy Communion

at St John the Baptist, North Baddesley More information

9:30 am Worship for All

at All Saints, North Baddesley More information

9:30 am Harvest Festival: Holy Communion

at St Mark, Ampfield More information

11:30 am Matins

at St Denys, Chilworth More information

October 19, 2019 9:30 am Vocation Morning - for everyone

at Church of the Ascension More information

October 31, 2019 1:00 pm Adult Craft Afternoon

at All Saints, North Baddesley More information

November 1, 2019 10:00 am Day of prayer and reflection

at All Saints, North Baddesley and St Mark, Ampfield.

November 3, 2019 4:00 pm All Souls Service

at All Saints, North Baddesley More information

This service is a time for them and their families to remember with thanksgiving those loved ones who have departed. A list of names to be remembered is read during this service. You can add to this list by writing on the list at each church, or via

Eco Church - Sustainability tips

In Acts the believers were recorded as ‘having everything in common’. Could building a reuse tradition in @acbchurch benefit our communities both practically and theologically?

Please fill in and return the Eco Church survey underway in All Saints and St John the Baptist

Sustainability fair in Chilworth

women behind table laden with plants
The Chilworth Sustainability fair exhibited electric vehicles boats and bicycles as well as ways to reduce food waste and eat better. Environmentally friendly and up-cycled products were also on display. More than 200 people attended the fair which, Cllr Finlay said, was organised as a response to the upsurge in concern regarding what humans are doing to damage the environment. …

Be loved you are God's child

Storm clouds over underpass
As I write this I'm full of the first cold of the season and am feeling fairly rotten, my youngest child is just out of hospital having been struck down by a virulent virus, several of my parishioners are going through chemotherapy and it's raining. It's fair to say I'm feeling a little fed up. In the news it's only …

Litter picking in North Baddesley

The Fleming Avenue area in North Baddesley was litter picked by more than 30 community volunteers in an event organised by Parish Councillor Vicky Wotton. Clean up days and individual voluntary litter picking are supported by Test Valley council as a partial answer to the cuts in environmental services budgets. Under grey autumn skies volunteers including more than 12 children …

Recent talks

The harvest God desires...

May I speak in the name of God who is Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. Amen How are your gardens looking at the moment? Good - Good excellent. Mine looks a tip so I'm glad someone (laughter) looks nice. I'm going to tell you this morning about three very special gardens and between them those three gardens hold the clue to …

St Michael and All Angels

Michaelmas is a time to remember that the Church is failing in its duty when it is not fighting against evil in all its forms, both stark and subtle, both obvious and obscure and in this I include the way we are polluting the world. In the main we neglect the fact that there is spiritual warfare. Many churches give …
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