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Welcome to the Newsletter

for the festival of All Souls 2019

Dear friends,

A very brief email today. I spent Friday at All Saints as part of our open church day of prayer for our National Life. Friday is usually the day when I pull content together for this email, so something had to give - and was our weekly newsletter...

Sunday November 3rd Services

9:30 am Worship for All

at St Mark, Ampfield More information

9:30 am Holy Communion

at All Saints, North Baddesley More information

11:30 am Holy Communion (BCP)

at St Denys, Chilworth More information

4:00 pm All Souls Service

at All Saints, North Baddesley More information

Some recent talks and stories

Throw yourself on the mercy of God

A sermon from the week when 39 people died in a refrigerated container in transit between Zeebrugee and the United Kingdom. On the dangers of keeping score in society and before God. The Pharisee was exemplary. A good Jew. The Tax Collector, however was the worst kind of crook: a legal one. The difference is that the Pharisee keeps score, …
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Revd Victoria Ashdown preaches from a lectern

Election campaign

We would like to encourage everyone to register to vote at the General Election which has been called for the 12 December. The deadline for registering to vote at this election is midnight on 26 November

Vaccination. A common good

Vaccination. A common good
Vicar Victoria spent a month in quarantine recently. She came into contact with an outbreak of measles in adults which can be serious. Public Health England told the Vicar who looks after Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley to limit her contacts to protect the community. Measles shouldn’t be a problem today. When enough people are immunised the problem goes away. …
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