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On Friday 12 February 2021
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Here we are approaching the Sunday before Lent. We will be live from our homes again using an order of service for Ordinary Time. The service will be live on YouTube (https://youtu.be/6dhSo7mYZe8) and available on the website.

We would usually have an Ash Wednesday service and so we shall this year - it's just that it will be online. In fact, you are invited to join a zoom call for the service but we will also be streaming it to YouTube for those who prefer to watch it there. We realise not everyone wants to be on YouTube - don't worry if you are in the zoom call, only the people leading the service will be visible on YouTube.

Also, starting this Sunday, there will be a zoom service of BCP Morning Prayer lead by François from Chilworth. It will be at 11:30 and the order of service will be available on the screen.

For details of the zoom calls for Ash Wednesday and for BCP Morning prayer please email joinin@acnb-church.org or use the contact form.


Night Prayer Tues 9 Feb

Join Ian for Compline, this week with many horses.
Night Prayer Tues 9 Feb

Worship For All Sunday 7 February

Worship For All explored the theme of Wisdom. Have a piece of paper and a pen at the ready.
Worship For All Sunday 7 February
This snow is from a couple of weeks ago rather than this week but as it's been rather cold this week I thought I'd go with the snowy image. What I like in this picture is the hope of spring that you can see in the daffodils just poking through the snow.
Meanwhile. In other news the seasons roll on. Please send us lots of pictures. We look forward to sharing and seeing what everyone is up to.
Your parish church has not gone away. We are offering daily prayer privately. Please join us, venture deeper into spiritual communion with our Lord, and prayer for the welfare of our communities and those in health and public service.
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