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For the First Sunday of Lent, 21 February 2021
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It seems that we have returned to Lent. After a year of heaviness and grief, we turn again to the great fast in preparation to celebrate the Easter event. It is in that Easter light that shines perpetually - even in the darkest days of a pandemic lent that we are able to continue steadfast in faith.

Sunday Worship 21 Feb

Join us for worship from our homes on Sunday 21 Feb - the first Sunday of Lent. The readings are 1 Peter 3:18-end and Mark 1:9-15.
Sunday Worship 21 Feb

Lent on Wednesdays

During Lent the Wednesday Coffee Morning will be following a discussion course called 'Come and See'. It will still be a place to come and meet your friends from church and have coffee together, but will focus much more on our Christian Life and faith journeys together. Conversation will be relaxed and will suit those with lots of experience and those with little, it is open to all to Come and See! Please join us on Wednesday's at 11am. Looking forward to seeing you there.

To access the Coffee Morning please email joinin@acnb-church.org

Sunday Lent course

Discussion at 4pm on Sundays through Lent using Live Lent: God's Story, Our Story the Church of England Lent campaign for this year. It invites each of us to reflect on our own story of God and how we might share it through our everyday lives as part of our Christian witness.Our Lent course this year will be at 4pm on Sundays on zoom. We will be using #Live Lent materials and would love you to join us.

The Zoom link will be the same as the Ash Wednesday Service. To obtain access please email joinin@acnb-church.org.
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An image from Ian encountered in a working context. It’s tempting to think of this period, as we fast in the expectation of Easter as waiting for a lifeboat. Tempting but incorrect. The salvation act, in the life death and resurrection of Jesus is about so much more than a narrowly drawn private experience of salvation. What Jesus did was about the redemption of the whole world, the liberation of creation, and yes, the deliverance of his people. Remember that, even as we live among the groans of creation waiting in eager expectation for the unveiling of the age of holiness and beauty.
Your parish church has not gone away. We are offering daily prayer privately. Please join us, venture deeper into spiritual communion with our Lord, and prayer for the welfare of our communities and those in health and public service.
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