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Parish churches in Ampfield, Chilworth & North Baddesley

On Friday 20 March 2020
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Welcome to the second of a series of emergency newsletters from @acnbchurch. We will be broadcasting regularly on Youtube, to keep you and our communities updated. This is the channel. You might well find some really nice things to explore in the talks playlist.


If all of you subscribe to this channel on Youtube... we will get a pretty url. This would make Ian happy. You know what do do

Update for 20 March 2020

Sunday Live from @acnbchurch, the stopping of public worship, generosity from the White Horse Ampfield, and weekday worship. Read on for full details
Update for 20 March 2020

Sunday live - chat in hope and love...

12.30 - 1pm (or later) 22 March 2020

We will be chatting through the Archbishop of Canterbury’s service, some other stuff and how this week will go. The service is live on BBC Local Radio at 8am, BBC Radio 4 at 8.10am and online from the Church of England at 9am on Facebook and other channels.
Sunday live - chat in hope and love...

Join in online activity

Whether or not you have been on social media up to this point we ask you to consider doing this now. If you don't like it - you can always delete it after the crisis has passed.

Start with facebook...

Please join this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/acnbchurch/
Thanks to the crowd of you who have joined in here. Lets make it a space for chat and sharing about our life as a church in this strange time.
Meanwhile Revd Vanessa's been out walking her dogs. Mobile phones take disgustingly good photos these days. We want your pix. Really we would love to see what everyone is up to...

Stopping public activity

Public gatherings for worship have stopped across the Church of England to avoid contagion in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We set out our plans to continue ministry in Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley. Read more to find out how.

Our events

All events that have been cancelled have been removed from the website. Only events which are continuing are now shown on the calendar

Your parish church has not gone away. We are offering daily prayer privately. Please join us, venture deeper into spiritual communion with our Lord, and prayer for the welfare of our communities and those in health and public service.
acnb-church.org/contact-us or ring the vicarage
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