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Welcome to the Newsletter

for the Twelfth Week after Trinity 2019
Welcome to a new look newsletter from @acnbchurch. Thank you to those who have offered feedback. Please keep it coming via the website contact form.

Key Events

Churchyard bug hunt, tidy & BBQ

September 21, 2019 @ 11:30 am 4:00 pm

Help tidy up the churchyard around St Mark Ampfield. Fun, free, ‘Bug Hunt’ for children followed by a scrumptious BBQ.
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Shows St Mark's church surrounded by trees and churchyard

Services this weekend

8:00 am Early Morning Holy Communion

at St John the Baptist, North Baddesley More information

9:30 am Worship for All

at All Saints, North Baddesley More information

9:30 am Holy Communion

at St Mark, Ampfield More information

11:30 am Matins

at St Denys, Chilworth More information

Sustainability and support stories

Plastic: stopping single use

Take the challenge: Cut out single use plastic this month. Single use plastics are a major problem for recycling, cause global heating and support the oil extraction industries. Taking the PlasticPledge from Tearfund might help kick start your efforts. Single use plastics are found in packaging, hygiene items and are especially common and unnecessary in film form on fresh food. – …
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Plastic stacked for recycling or recovery of energy by burning

Help Romsey Food bank

Our churches collect for Romsey Food Bank, and can help you access the Food Bank service if you need it. Many families experience a hunger gap during the summer holidays. Please help the food bank meet increased demand during this time.@acnbchurch Team To help over the summer and in the hot weather Tins of meatballs, hot dogs & tunaBags of …
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Illustrates some suitable types of items for donation to food bank

Recent sermons and talks

Reluctant saints in God's kingdom

How do I find out what are God’s ways for my life and my family? What does it mean to live as members of God’s Kingdom? This past week I have been able to have a few days retreat, to spend some time in contemplation and to read. I’ve been reading three books which point to quite a different style …
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Rules: times to keep, times to break

What do you feel passionate about and how as a church can we help you with that? We need to become radical rule breakers where we see injustice and also know when to keep the rules – God’s rules.
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Library pictures show Priest welcoming congregation prayer book in hand

A trailer of God's healing of the earth

A smiling minister at a lectern
Seeing Hebrews 11 through the filter of a film trailer. All the emotional highs, the action sequences, and unexpected outcomes in the story of God's healing or redemption of the earth compressed into a few verses of the Bible. Writing trailers for cinema is a real art form. They are designed to be and often are, one of the most …
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