6th April: Updated COVID information

Updated COVID policy in light of recent changes.

On 24th Feburary 2022 the government lifted the remaining COVID restrictions and introduced the policy for ‘living with COVID’ and from 1st April testing is no longer free for most people.

We know that many of the restrictions were not for our own benefit but for the benefit of others. And we know that there is variation in our responses to the lifting of restrictions with some people more nervous than others.

Therefore, we ask that everyone be sensitive to the wishes of others and we continue to implement the following, in all our churches. We thank you for your co-operation.

  • We support the wearing of a face mask.
  • We request that if you know or suspect you have COVID that you do not attend an onsite service and participate through our online offerings instead.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance to each church.
  • We request that people remain in their seats during the peace but make sure there is enough time for people to greet everyone without physical contact.
  • We have returned to receiving both the bread and the wine at Communion. If you prefer to still receive in one kind only, that is absolutely fine - just return to your seat after receiving the bread. We are advised to not dip the wafer in the common cup.

Updated 28th July 2022. Changes: Changes for receiving Communion in 2 kinds