Welcome to the new website

It's time for a slight shift in focus and a new look

Why a new website?

Yes, welcome to our new website. The aim is that it’s a front door to the benefice. It tells you about our services, our activities and our buildings. It helps people find out about what we offer.

The previous site was a bit more ambitious. It let us post a wide range of content, but it also took quite a bit of effort to maintain. It’s been at the heart of our online presence over the last year or so and we’ve been very lucky to have it.

As we emerge from a rather different way of being church in a time of pandemic, we’ve been thinking about what we should be doing and where we should be putting our effort. We think a website is an important way of communicating. But we’ve been using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as well - and that will continue. The website will hold general, useful information - including what’s on each week and a calendar of events. But rather than trying to do everything on our website, we’ll point at our social media for more regular updates.

If you can’t find something, or you think something’s wrong, or there’s something that you’d like to see - let us know at joinin@acnb-church.org. There’s always a bit of tinkering when launching something new like this, but hopefully not too much!

Thanks for being with us,

The ACNB team.