Backpack project with Mary's Meals

The Mary's Meals Backpacks loaded up over Christmas are complete and awaiting pickup from church!

News updates from the Backpack project

The backpack project: delivered

Couriers have been booked to pick up the packed backpacks for Mary's Meals in Malawi!

Deadline for donating to the Backpack project extended due to interest

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated to Mary’s Meals backpack project. We’re stuffing lots of backpacks with lovely things to help kids learn and flourish in Malawi.

Stuff a backpack with lovely things to help kids learn. We’ll pass it on to the international school feeding charity Mary’s Meals. They send it to Malawi where it helps children flourish in school.

We’re inviting everyone in Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley to participate in Mary’s Meals backpack project. The project sends backpacks filled simple things like pencils, eraser’s a ruler, a small ball and perhaps a few other things to help kids learn and flourish.

Drop materials into boxes in the church bit of All Saints Church North Baddesely. In Ampfield or Chilworth? Ping us an email using this contact form and we will sort you out.

You don’t have to donate a complete kit of items. In particular a ‘backpack’ isn’t required. We would love lots of people to get involved, so we will use smaller donations, perhaps of a pack of pencils, a ball, or a pack of erasers, to make up ‘kits’. Used items are absolutely fine, providing they are good quality.

The Backpack Project is a great way to help children in our communities engage with the problems of poverty and climate change in the developing world.

Visit Mary's Meals Backpack Pages

Mary's Meals website has lots of information about their work and the Backpack Project

Visit Mary's Meals

Mary’s Meal’s are best known for their school feeding programme. School feeding programmes are transformational and bless whole communities. Mary’s Meals are well respected as a provider and communities own their projects in a way that’s really impressive. At the moment they feed about 1.3 million children around the world. In Malawi 30% of children receive a meal from Mary’s Meals every day

Climate change is a huge issue for countries like Malawi. There 75% of the population are involved in agriculture. At the moment there are about 10 days a year in the summer when the temperature goes above 30 degrees in the shade. That’s a point at which people start to experience real problems with heat stress when they are doing manual labour. By 2040 it’s predicted that there will be over a hundred days when the temperature rises above 30 degrees. The impact will be devastating. Education is a way for communities to escape the trap that climate change poses, and keeping children in school, fed and equipped is an important part of that.

Children with a good education are able to step into a new future and to change the path their countries are on. The backpack project is a positive way to help children and your people in our communities respond to the vast need in the developing world and is a gift which will help the next generation of children in Malawi grow up equipped to change their future and respond to the great challenges which climate change is bringing.