Becoming a Christian is to accept Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, and Saviour. The journey to faith is one of falling into the endless love and forgiveness of God. Join us in tuning your life to the rhythm of God’s redeeming will.

First steps in faith

We believe that everyone should be able to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and decide whether they want to accept the offer of new life in God that Jesus makes possible. This page is about resources to do that.

Starting out in a small group

Small groups were the church at its beginning 2000 odd years ago. If you feel part of @acnbchurch we hope you join or small group journey

News about beginning in faith

Alpha for Lent starts

Alpha for Lent @acnbchurch started last night in All Saints Church on Shrove Tuesday.

Unexpected meetings

The Magi followed the star #followthestar in search of a king. Finding Jesus lying in a feeding trough for animals was probably a bit of a shock. So we’ve being asking folk in church about when they’ve been surprised on their journey with God. First up: Ian, who is more usually found lurking behind the camera…

Romsey charities fair

Did you meet the @acnbchurch team at the Romsey Charities Fair on Saturday on Saturday. Let us know if you’re tucking into cakes or pickles form the stall.

Camino de Santiago: Patricia Oliver's story

Pilgrimage has at its heart the search for the holy, or the boundary of human experience. Watch Patricia Oliver describe walking the camino with a relative in a wheelchair.

All Souls: a space for memory

Each year @acnbchurch uses All Souls day to mark bereavement . We see a large number of families for funerals, and we have found it is good to have a space for shared solace.

Navigating the first bumpy road course

Living with mental health issues is hard. Bumpy Road sets out to explore whether Christian spiritual practices can help. Our pilot course has just finished, and a revised course will run again soon.

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life...

Jesus in the Gospel of John 14.6

Our Faith Explored: Previous Projects

Start! finding answers

Start! is for you if you’ve got questions about life and the Christian faith and are looking for answers. Take the first step and Start! the journey with us. Just six friendly sessions starting from scratch on Monday evenings Begins October 30th.