The Bumpy Road course: faith & mental health collide

If your life is a bumpy road we invite you to the first Bumpy Road course. For everyone affected by mental health issues. Six weeks to explore the place where faith, spirituality and mental health meet.

Life is a bumpy road for everybody. One moment up, then down, then up again. On balance it should averages out. Unfortunately our country has a problem: too many peoples’ mental health has big bumps or is getting worse steadily. Something is going wrong. Lets talk about it.

Pressure release

Bumpy Road is a six session course designed to help us all think about, or think again about, the place where mental health, spirituality and Christian faith meet. We guess you will be interested in spirituality and faith if you are coming on the course, but we won’t assume any other knowledge.

Come on the course to live and learn...

If the course works for you then you will understand:

  • Understand why mental health, spirituality and faith are linked
  • What has gone wrong with the world from the Christian perspective
  • Have seen how living in faith doesn’t mean having it all sorted
  • Understood what God is doing to fix the world
  • Heard some thoughts about holiness in the context of mental health
  • Seen how you can take these ideas forward and go on with God

We promise...

Almost everyone leading the course has had their life touched by mental health issues in profound ways - but most of us aren’t professionally involved in mental health. We promise

  • to be there for anyone who wants to think about these ideas more
  • to be supportive and hopeful throughout
  • to advocate for you if you want to pay more attention to faith or spirituality in your mental health treatment
  • not to put pressure on you to make decisions about changing the way you think during the course
  • To consider running a follow on group for folk who want to take their thinking about faith and mental health further

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