Starting out in a small group

Small groups were the church at its beginning 2000 odd years ago. If you feel part of @acnbchurch we hope you join or small group journey

Small groups are a safe place for us to explore faith, share our lives with each other and spend time with God. Prayer, spending time with God in the bible, mediation, and other good things are all usually part of what a small group is in varied ways. If you want you can Grow in faith as a disciple. With us the best way to connect with a small group is to fill out the form below or to talk to anyone in the Ministry Team.

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In bigger churches there is often a mass of small groups with different purposes. We don’t have those options, but we do have lovely groups which will welcome and adapt to new members however tentatively you are looking for God.

Small groups aren’t a replacement for gathering in bigger groups like at a Sunday or midweek service but they do provide a more intimate place to explore where God may be leading you.

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