Our Eco Churches

God's love makes us want to care for the world. We use the Eco Church scheme to help us do this well.

God both created and sustains this earth. Responding to Jesus' love makes us want to look after God's world.

We use the Eco Church scheme run by the UK part of the international conservation charity A Rocha to help us check how our churches are doing in living in a good way.

Participating churches

  • St Mark, Ampfield
  • St Denys Chilworth
  • St John the Baptist, Flexford Road ;
  • All Saints, North Baddesley

What's the Eco Church scheme about?

Eco Church from A Rocha UK is a way for churches to ensure that they are caring for God’s earth in everything they do. The assurance scheme covers things like:

  • how we look after church buildings and property
  • the way we manage land like churchyards and burial grounds
  • whether we talk about the environment enough when we talk about God in Church.

Being part of the Eco Church Scheme also helps the people who go to our churches make better personal decisions about what they can do to reduce their environmental footprint. A Rocha are also well known for being advocates for good government and company policy on the environment.

"God's eternal power and divine nature have been made known through his works since the creation of the world"

Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Some recent Christian writings and resources on creation and environmental issues

News - Ecochurch

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The #EcoChurch collection for the fifth Sunday of Easter. #Ecotip, lunch polution, and our local zero waste shop

Leading the way in caring for the earth in the Church of England

All Saints in North Baddesley are committed to living and worshipping in a way which doesn’t damage the climate

In what is your security?

‘Get to know your neighbours: they are better at looking out for your home than security lights’.

Stop food waste this Christmas

A staggering amount of food is wasted at Christmas. This burdens landfill, pollutes the environment, and harms the earth God loves. Start change in our communities at your dining table.