Who we are

@acnbchurch is a group of four Church of England congregations in three parishes: Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley. We commit to be peacemakers and reconcilers so that the light of God may be made visible.

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Where we work

We work in Ampfield, Chilworth, and North Baddesley. These parishes are in the south of England, between Romsey, Winchester and Southampton.


Ampfield is an expanding village north-east of Romsey, with service companies and an arboricultural nursery. St Mark has a friendly, community minded congregation. They meet at St Mark’s, a Victorian Church located in a woodland grove.


Chilworth is a settlement just north of Southampton.The expanding modern village and science park borders a tiny ancient settlement. A small congregation uses the the Book of Common Prayer (1662) for liturgy. St Denys church is a Victorian replacement on a pre-Norman Christian site.

North Baddesley

North Baddesley is a rapidly growing suburban centre between Chilworth and Romsey. A friendly community with particular concern for ‘the earth’ and social action, meet at All Saints, a contemporary 1950’s ‘estate church’. The small Norman church of St John the Baptist to the north of the village remains in active use with a distinct core congregation, and is a Small Pilgrim Place.

@acnbchurch parish boundaries

If you want to check whether you live within @acnbchurch ‘parish boundaries’, or want to find your local Church of England place, we recommend Church of England’s directory site: A Church Near You.

Who’s Who?

Our churches rely on many people working in unity: almost all voluntarily. We are one team together.

Revd Victoria Ashdown: portrait

Victoria Ashdown


Revd Victoria Ashdown is Vicar of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley

Lay Minister Sally Kerson: Portrait

Sally Kerson

Lay Minister | Administrator

Sally Kerson is both Lay Minister and Office Administrator for the group

Vanessa Lawrence

Associate Priest

Revd Vanessa Lawrence is a Mental Health Chaplain and Associate Priest here

How we worship

One confession of the Christian faith says as human beings our chief purpose is to glorify and enjoy God forever.

Worship is the moment when we discover who God is and realise who we are. Worship should happen in all parts of life not only when we are at a service. Most importantly:

  • In confession and forgiveness we are restored as God’s beloved children
  • In praise and thanksgiving we express and rejoice in the richness of the glory and majesty of God
  • In prayer we call on God to make the world more like the kingdom of God
  • in the sharing of communion we seek to become Christ’s body in the world

Our central acts of gathered worship are our Sunday morning services at 9.30am in Ampfield and North Baddesley and in Chilworth at 11am. These are the key moments when we meet together as congregations. The congregation is involved and there are opportunities to explore faith, and deepen relationships.

Our Sunday worship

Services vary by place and date. During the pandemic we are operating with a hybrid in building, and broadcast online model. The events calendar has full details.

Morning weekday services

Church midweek services offer an opportunity to gather for prayer and worship in the week. If Morning Prayer on Wednesday or Thursday morning, Holy Communion on a Tuesday morning or Thursday Evening seems a good time to worship God: it is. These spoken services are part of the life of our church and a direct reflection of what the first Christians did.

Informal gathering

We have friendly small gatherings to pray, and learn outside a regular ‘services,’ These include TWWG at 4pm on second and fourth Sunday of each month.

Special services

We offer special services for weddings, funerals and memorial services. We also are glad to baptise (christen) adults, and children by arrangement as is appropriate. If you wish to mark a significant life event we may also be able to shape a liturgy to allow you give thanks.

How we belong

We regard everyone as belonging to @acnbchurch if they either live within the boundary of one of the three parishes in this group or make any of our four churches their regular church home. There are more formal ways to belong as follows:

  • Baptism is the way we signal that we want to belong to God forever
  • Confirmation is a way of asking the Holy Spirit to bring to life in us the fruits of our baptism
  • Joining the electoral roll is the way we become able to participate in the governance of the church
  • Joining a group or committee is a way to participate in the running of the church
  • Joining the friends is a way of associating yourself with our work, ministry and the care of our buildings
Baptism is for all who will believe: not just children

How we organise

Like every group that functions well we need structure to organise events and programmes and make and implement decisions.

We organise events and programmes through our various groups, including Ministry Team, Hospitality, Sustainability and others.

We make and implement decisions through the Parish Church Councils of each Parish. Our Church Councils share common long term plan. Delivering those long term objectives happens in slightly different ways across our places to meet the specific needs of each parish

In addition @acnbchurch also has close links with ‘Romsey Deanery’ a group of nearby Parish Churches, and with other churches in North Baddesley.

Behind the scenes are governance, money and planning. The ministry and mission of each of our parishes is overseen by the Parish Church Council, a predominantly lay body. Once you’ve enrolled on the electoral roll, you have the right to vote on the members of the PCC, and, after just six months, you can stand for election as well.

To be involved in the governance of our parishes, contact our Vicar at vicar@acnb-church.org

What area do we cover?

If you want to check whether you live within @acnbchurch ‘parish boundaries’, or want to find your local Church of England place, we recommend Church of England’s directory site: A Church Near You.