Welcome: bringing children for christening or thanksgiving

"We believe that every child is a gift from God." With the arrival of a new baby it may be that you are interested in your child's spiritual, as well physical and emotional development. Read more to find out about the options for christening (baptism) or thanksgiving.

Some parents choose to mark the beginning of their child's spiritual journey with a baptism which is often known as a christening. If you live in our parish, it would be good to meet up to talk about your plans. The Church of England has an excellent national site which explains more about christenings and thanksgivings. There is more about this at the bottom.

Getting in touch with us

To get in touch with us. We’d suggest one of three options. Either:

  • Come to our cafe church service, usually on the second Sunday each month. Check the Diary for Worship for All events. 
  • Drop into Childrens Craft Club especially if your chidren are in that age group. 
  • Alternatively come to any other service on a Sunday morning,
  • Or contact Victoria the Vicar on 023 8178 8031 or acnb-church.org/contact-us

However you get in touch, we look forward to meeting up and speaking to you about your Christening plans.

The Christian journey begins with a single step. Because it is such an important part step in our Christian journey we will ask you as parents as well as those who will be your child’s Godparents to attend a baptism preparation morning prior to the big event. Although those that attend church are different ages and stages along the faith pathway, we are all part of a life-long learning community on a journey towards God.If you feel that you are not quite ready to commit to the Christian faith and make the promises that a baptism requires, the Church of England has an alternative service to reflect what most people feel when a new child is born into the family called  'Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child'. Both services start and end the same way and include prayers for your child and family.

Christenings: information from the Church of England

Church of England Christenings is a national resource about baptising (or christening) children. It comes from the Church of England and answers all kinds of questions that you may have. Because we think it's got good information we don't want to confuse the issue by writing our version of parts of it. So please check out: Church of England Christenings. It answers some questions like:

  • What is a christening?
  • Step by step through a christening
  • arranging Godparents

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