Vicar's message about organising funerals

We are always available to assist families and friends of those who have died, both in arranging funerals and memorial services; and in helping the living through grief to a more peaceful place

Who can we help

We are always available to assist the families and friends of those who have died in our area, or whose relatives live locally. Our ministry builds on thousands of years of Christian and Jewish experience in helping the living say goodbye and move through grief to a more peaceful place. It doesn’t matter.

With the Lord there is mercy; with him is ample redemption
  • Whether the person who has died had a faith, or went to a church
  • What faith, if any you profess
  • whether you wish the service to occur in church or at a crematorium chapel
  • where the final interment will occur (e.g. crematorium, civic burial ground)
  • whether you would prefer a small funeral followed by later memorial service.

How can we help practically?

Our Clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers can assist you with planning a funeral service, burial or internment of ashes. In the case of a funeral it doesn’t matter whether this is going to be held at a Crematorium or in one of our church buildings.

We regard it as a privilege and a duty to respond to requests to take funerals from people who live in the area we cover

We will do our very best to meet your needs as to the date and time of the service, but this is also governed by the availability of the Funeral Director, so you would need to approach them at the same time as you approach us.

Can we arrange a burial or interment of ashes at your churches?

This does depend on the place of residence of the person who died, and whether they were a member of one of our congregations. You can get help from our burial ground pages. Alternatively just ask our staff or clergy when you contact them. Please rest assured though that there is always an active burial ground nearby, and almost all are peaceful and restful places - whether they are run by the Church of England or not.

What happens?

Normally, one of us will visit you, either at your home or at another suitable location, to make the arrangements for the service, to learn about the person who has died, and to offer suggestions about music, readings and prayers that you would find helpful.

You are also welcome to contact us if you are considering the arrangements for your own funeral service, and wish to plan it in advance, to ease the stress your family will be under when the time comes.

Church funerals, information from the Church of England

Church of England Funerals is an excellent national resource that answers all kinds of questions that you may have. Becuase we think it's so good we don't want to confuse the issue by writing our version of parts of it. So please check out: Church ofEngland Funerals It covers items including

  • arranging a funeral
  • step by step through the funeral service
  • choosing hymns and music
  • what happens after a funera
  • regaining hope

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