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Vicar's welcome for prospective married couples

Welcome. Whatever stage you are at in your relationship - just engaged, or deciding that now is the time to organise a wedding: my congratulations, and welcome.

If you are looking for your wedding or blessing to be a memorable, richly spiritual and joyful occasion, you have come to the right place.

You are joining the joyful progress in love and honour of brides and grooms tup our aisles into married life. I receive you with same care and love as my predecessors have done for countless couples in the last thousand years.

We will support you both in your journey towards marriage. For couples getting married in one of our churches we run a Wedding Preparation morning which you will be expected to attend. We will explore themes such as Expectations, Communication and Priorities as well as looking at the Service in detail and going through all the practical matters you need to know, using multimedia and some participatory work. We will also meet and talk to couples who have been married for 50 years and newly married and hear their stories. Couples always tell us how much they have enjoyed the morning, and find useful for their own preparation for the big day!

>A wedding is the start of a marriage. Getting married in church involves taking life vows of love, honour, and faithfulness to your partner. It is a unique way of forming a bond that has simultaneous spiritual and legal status.

So far as it is legally possible, I welcome you for a church wedding and I look forward to marking it with you at the altar before God and in law.

Vicar Victoria

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