Ecochurch: pollinators under threat - for TrinityV

We are running out of pollinating insects: Ecotip: Plant flowers for bees and other insects; try for a long flowering season so they always have food available.

Digital Day with the Diocese

The 2019 Digital Day for the Diocese of Winchester brought the Church of England social media champion Liz Morgan to train on developments in social media and A Church Near You. Watch, and let Liz explain what’s it was all about.

EcoChurch for the fourth Sunday after Trinity

In Acts the believers were recorded as ‘having everything in common’. Could building a reuse tradition in @acbchurch benefit our communities both practically and theologically?

Re-Creation, and Holy Days

As we look towards the holy-days: the root of the whole idea of holiday, Jesus’ offers up something amazing with that phrase “rest for your souls”. It's a whole new meaning to the summer holidy. - From The Vicar's Column July 2019

Ecochurch for the third Sunday after Trinity

This week in the ecochurch collection: Water for wildlife, and a developing world perspective on how we look at water from a theological point of view - an issue of increasing importance as Global Heating and migration pose continuing challenges.

Vandalism to the Community AED

The emergency defibrillator hosted by All Saints church North Baddesley was vandalised, probably on the night of the 3 July, making the defibrillator location code impossible to read.