A new Monday evening house group

Are you looking for a welcoming group in which to develop your faith? A new Monday evening house group, open to all in our church family, led by Phil and Kim with a focus on learning discussion and prayer starts in October

Following God changes your life. Life ever after is meant to keep moving toward towards holiness and beauty. Growth doesn’t happen on it’s own though, and one practical step we can all take is to join a home or small group.

It’s great to be able to announce that group led by Phil & Kim Sutton will meet each week on a Monday evening from 7.30 to around 9.00 pm. To start the group will also be hosted by a Phil and Kim Sutton in Ampfield but may move to other willing hosts in Chilworth or North Baddesley in time.

Being able to announce a new home group opening on Monday evenings is a welcome sign of hope and new growth. If you feel attached to our churches and aren’t already part of a group we encourage you to try one out.

Speaking about the formation of the new group Phil said:

My wife Kim and I have been in many House Groups over the past 30 years, and each has had its own character and direction; all have been wonderful and a key part in us understanding and developing our faith. We have both learned from others and hopefully helped others to learn and grow.

The group will be kicking off with a mixture of discussions, debates and studies on important Christian topics. We will use the bible and reflect on it with help from writings, video/DVD, audio and on-line material produced my respected sources. We would also explore local and world topics such as major news items from a Christian perspective and prayer will be a key part of our meetings.

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