A service of memory and hope: Report

In response to requests, we held a service of memory and hope in the churchyard at St John the Baptist at the end of July.


St John the Baptist is an ancient place of worship. It has offered solace over more than nine hundred years. On Saturday 21 July the church any burial ground hosted a quiet, reflective, act of remembrance.

After a short welcome inside St John the small crowd of people fanned out across the burial ground. People paused at memorials to which they had connection, lit candles and said prayers. It was a simple and beautiful way to remember friends and relatives.

‘Acknowledge we pray, sheep of your own fold, lambs of your own flock, sinners of your own redeeming. enfold them in the arms of mercy, in the blessed rest of everlasting peace, and in the glorious company of the saints in light. Adapted from the Yizkor liturgy

All Saints church has had a service of thanksgiving each autumn for many years. Some people from North Baddesley asked us to run another thanksgiving event in the summer. This service in the churchyard of St John the Baptist the result.

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