All Souls: a space for memory

Each year @acnbchurch uses All Souls day to mark bereavement . We see a large number of families for funerals, and we have found it is good to have a space for shared solace.

All Souls is a time to gather, to remember those we love and see no longer, and to seek solace from God and each other. The simple service has readings from Scripture, a hymn or two, and a recital of every name given to us for memorial. Everyone who wishes to is invited to light a candle - and by the end the church is ablaze with light.

We have information about funerals here.

If you missed the service, or are struggling post bereavement in our villages please don’t stay lost and lonely… Message us, ring the office or use the web form at contact us. There’s a short video from the 2017 All Souls service above to give you flavour of what you might have missed out on. Dates for the 2018 service usually come out in the spring.

Revd Victoria said: “Its lovely to be able to see again all those who have met throughout the year, whose funerals of loved ones we have taken. We take a lot of funerals in these churches and it is lovely to be able to call everyone together to celebrate life to remember our loved ones, to have some silence and hear some scripture to pray for all those who are feeling lost and lonely and then to catch up over tea and cake.

We try hard to keep in contact with key contacts after funerals. This service is a time when wider family members who we may have only seen once at a funeral can gather in a space made safe for remembering.

A Church of England funeral is available to everyone, giving support before, during and after the service, for as long as it’s needed. Each of our parishes have an open burial ground and keep good relations with local undertakers. This means we mark a large number of funerals each year. It is important ministry, for the dignity of the dead, and the good of the living. We warmy endorse the excellent information at Church of England Funerals - dedicated site.

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