An Holy Lent

In our divided country and battered world, join us in keeping an holy Lent this 2018

‘Repentence has always been at the core of Lent. Repentence: to turn round [re] in thinking [penses]’ is a much needed thing in this our world today. We invite you to keep a peaceful Lent and to join in seeking the common good for Ampfield, Chilworth, and North Baddesley. We especially welcome you to join us if you could use a prayer, or if the state of the world or our villages bothers you.

Our Lent in a bag series

  • Join in the ‘Lent in a Bag’ project. Get a free ‘Lent in a bag’ a collection of symbols and tools to help you reflect on this world in the next forty days.
  • Free distribution limited to Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley! sorry if you are reading this in Iceland…

Enjoy a Lent Lunch at Ampfield St Mark

Enjoy a lunch of soup and rolls with a simple prayer before lunch. This year the Lent Lunches are a joint venture with our local church school. We bring people together over lunch and establish better links locally, creating networks for community benefit.

Visit St John the Baptist a pilgrim place

Visit the tiny, ancient pilgirm church of St John the Baptist high on the ridge behind North Baddesley. This working place of worship is a place of holy quiet and where prayer has been valid for nearly a thousand years. Many people find that its a great place to pray or reflect and that it helps them in searching or as disciples. A church has survived here through the times of the Black Death, Norman conquest, English civil war, and much more.

Other open churches

The churches of St Mark Ampfield, and St Denys Chilworth are also open for prayer.

Understanding Lent

Lent isn’t a much used word today but is part of a common Old English Word for Spring or roughly the month of ‘March’. Because the world has never been quite the same since the death shattering events of that first Easter. Lent has been kept as space for remembering, for repentance, prayer, study, fasting. The celebration of Easter is always on the horizon in Lent and for that reason the season is also been a time to prepare for Baptism or to remember it.


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