Andrew Ashdown - Witness for peace and mutual understanding

The conflict in Syria is grinding to a shattering end. The majority of churches and mosques there want to return to the diverse peaceful society for which Syria was known before the war. Get a real understanding of the situation as Revd Andrew shares some reflections from his research.

In the beginning

Revd Andrew has a long standing interest in the Levant. Since 2016 he has been researching Christian Muslim relations in Syria. Results from his work will be useful in shaping support for peace building in Syria.

The religious mix in Syria

The vast majority of faith communities in Syria wholly disown the acts and aims of the violent groups. The religious mix in Syria and the Levant is, event after this war, among the richest and most diverse in the world. Learn more about the faith communities in Syria:

Supporting peace

Andrew’s research evidences the way Christian and Muslim leaders have worked for peace throughout the war. Inspiringly it also records how local mosques and churches have acted to protect and sustain each other as places for refuge and peace in the face of murderous violence.

Crossroads of the world

Syria’s place at the junction of four major regions of the world means it is no stranger to struggle and strife. Throughout history it has been fought over, occupied, and colonised. Today the sentiment in civil society is mostly a plea: ‘Let us determine our own future’

Witness for peace

In Britain we saw a lot of distressing stories from Aleppo. The violence extremists used towards journalists meant most media from East Aleppo was controlled by armed extremists. Despite the difficulties in verifying these stories they commanded our attention. Our media failed to tell the story of West Aleppo the large and peaceful half of this great city. Andrew was one of few British people in Aleppo during the return of full government control across the city. Watch his testimony, and see what has happened since.

These videos feature Andrew Ashdown who is a doctoral research student at The University of Winchester researching Christian - Muslim Relations in Syria. The views and opinions expressed in these videos are those of Andrew Ashdown and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the University of Winchester or any other agency, organisation or entity.

These videos were edited by @ianwyllie as part of a series exploring the life, mission and ministry of local local ministers, priests and lay leaders in @acnbchurch: the Church of England in Ampfield, Chilworth, and North Baddesley. Andrew Ashdown is an Associate Priest in this group of churches. Ian Wyllie is communications volunteer @acnbchurch.

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