The Church of St John The Baptist, North Baddesley with Over the Top a poppy cascade for #Armistice 100 The Church of St John The Baptist, North Baddesley with Over the Top a poppy cascade for #Armistice 100

Armistice 100: The Big Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to a remarkable memorial to the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice which started the end of the First World War

None of us in the ministry team have sufficient words to thank everyone who contribute to a remarkable 100th anniversary of Armistice.

A huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone across the Benefice who have helped with the success of our Armistice 100 events; those who have helped at St Johns, serving tea and donughts, welcoming visitors and those who helped decorate at St Mark and St John. Numbers were up at all our services on Sunday 11th and many attending were really appreciative of the effort made by the church to make this year so special as we remember the fallen and commit ourselves to work for peace.
Revd Victoria Ashdown: Vicar of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley

Update on donations given by the public at 'Over The Top'

At ‘Over the Top’ we didn’t set out to ask for donations. We didn’t want to sully the memorial, or to appear like we were demanding anything from visitors: other than they think, reflect - and for those who do, pray about the horror that the memorial commemorated. However we were stunned that visitors kept leaving money: in the font, in the flower donations box, in the box normally left for small donations from by people lighting candles. The interim total of the donations comes to £947. We are so grateful. Thank you to all our visitors and most of all to the community of North Baddesley.

This will be the last article on #Armistice100 and Remembrance Day 2018. We will put any further updates in this article and ensure that it floats to the top of our news section when we do


Giant poppy in sunlight on wood and iron church door
The door of St Mark, Ampfield during Remembrancetide 2018.

Although at a smaller scale than the outsize contribution from St John the Baptist, the Armistice 100 anniversary was appropriately marked by a large congregation from this small village. In addition to the service at the memorial in the village the church door was strikingly decorated with a single large poppy which was somehow fitting for this elegant Gothic Revival building. Inside the church was decorated with strings of origami doves, each bearing a message of peace, poppies were scattered round the font and there was an interpretative display.

A crowd gather round the village war memorial in Ampfield
Revd Vanessa Lawrence leads the Act of Remembrance at Ampfield.

St John the Baptist

A stuffed full church in North Baddesley for Remembrance 2018
Interior of All Saints Church during a service of remembrance and commitment to peace.

The service at All Saints was crammed full with folk standing in the foyer as well as all throughout the church wherever they could be fitted. Thank you to everyone who came to mark this significant anniversary. Many more joined the procession as it wound its way up Nutburn Road.

Catch up with what has gone before

You can read back through the 'Over the Top' story The Campaign Page WWI 100 poppy cascade remains live, but will have a much lower profile in future. We are so grateful to everyone in North Baddesley who has pulled together as one community to make this amazing memorial happen.

Over the Top has attracted visitors from all over the country and it has been an honour to host such an event. Thanks to the many people who have helped us with this amazing installation. It is hoped that the exhibition inside the church also moved those who saw it not only to remember the fallen, but also to commit to act peacefully for the sake of future generations.

Sally Kerson LLM
A member of the Betteridge family stands next to a caligraphic roll of honour
A member of the Betteridge family stands next to a caligraphic roll of honour for WWI

Messages from our visitors book at St John the Baptist

Here are some comments left in the visitors book during the exhibition inside the Church of St John the Baptist.

Such a beautiful and meaningful tribute for all who lost their lives. Remembering my Great Uncle and my husband’s Grandfather.

Doves bearing messages of peace hang from the rood screen in St John the Baptist.

A wonderful and thought provoking display.

Poppied weave the figure 100 over the porch of St John the Baptist.

What a wonderful effort by all to commemorate all the fallen heroes! Absolutely beautiful.

Summary of media coverage

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Remembrance Day Lightbox of images here for St John the Baptist. Thanks to Tony Melville.

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