Burial ground changes

Our team and volunteers continue to work at St John the Baptist to make the church burial ground a safe and peaceful place to remember the departed. Updated.

The churchyard of St John the Baptist is an important place for the church. We know it is valued by the community in North Baddesley. Our aim in everything that we do is to keep it as a sacred and peaceful place. Recently we have been making changes to bring it back into line with the way the Diocese says it has to be managed. We do not have discretion to apply some rules but ignore others.

What memorials will be affected?

We appreciate how difficult some people found the start of the changes we have to make. The next phase of these changes we have to make is beginning. Most memorials and grave areas will not be affected at all by this work. Only around 22 burials are affected. If you have concerns about a memorial you visit there are easy to use ways of contacting us at the bottom of this post

How are you letting people know about this work?

  • In nineteen cases we have written letters to advise named people of the changes.
  • For three more memorials we do not have any useful contact details. A sealed plastic envelope is on these three memorials. It has more information inside.
  • We have also posted here Facebook Post: Burial Ground Changes with a shorter explanation about what is going to happen

What work will be carried out?

All artificial grass will be removed from the churchyard during this phase. Some wooden borders and similar items will also be removed where we have been advised we need to do this. Over the summer we have been in constant contact with the Diocese. We have been given advice about these issues. Based on this advice we are certain that the changes are necessary.

The latest edition of the Chancellor's Regulations can be accesed at the link

Where have the FAQ’s from this page gone?

We are moving some of these to the life events section because they can be useful to more people there and will help those who are thinking about whether they want their relative to be buried or interred in one of the churchyards we look after.

The best way to contact us about these issues

The fastest way to get a good response is via one of these methods:

  • If you want us to know that you feel connected to a the place someone dear to you is buried please use our connector form
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    We want to help. This form allows you to associate your details with a burial memorial. This will allow us to keep in touch with you.
    Please only use letters and accented characters
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    Please list the name(s) on the memorial you are connected to and the date(s) on those memorials. e.g. A Smith, 1983 Also include any concerns you have here so we can best help you.
    Letters, accented characters and numbers only please. This is a security precaution to help keep our servers safer...
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  • If you have general question, comment or observation: please use the contact form
  • You can write to us at: Benefice Office, Church Close, North Baddesley, SO52 9EQ

If you wish you can leave a phone message.

  • Office: 023 8073 7617
  • Vicar: 023 8178 8031

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